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Getting Started​

Most teens dream about the day they open the front door to find a brand-new car with a big red bow tied around it parked in the driveway. In this dream, they hug their parents' necks, grab the keys, and take off into the sunset, or, down the block to pick up their friends. However, much more goes into earning your driver's license than just getting a car or even just passing the exams.


Before earning a driver's license, all 16-and 17-year-olds must first obtain a learner's permit to practice driving.

To schedule an appointment for the permit click here.


After obtaining the permit, the following training may be combined to meet the requirements: here


Getting a Driver License

If your commercial driving school offers road testing, you can take your road test with a DMV inspector/agent there. Other wise, you schedule a road test at a DMV Branch Office.

1. Check Obtaining a License – 16/17 Year Olds to make sure you have fulfilled all of the requirements for your driver license.


2.Make sure you bring the correct documents.

3. Check Testing Information for information about scheduling. Hours, etc.

4. Once you pass your road test, you GET YOUR DRIVER LICENSE. Now you have to be aware of and abide by the restrictions that apply until you reach your 18th birthday.


Additional resources are available here for parents and teens.

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